Searchable database for many genetic diseases.  Most commonly known as the major registry for hips.
Searchable database for canine eye diseases
American Kennel Club
Akita Club of America.  Here you will find the breed standard and lots of info about the Akita, including health problems, rescue, and information about the club.
Important Clubs and Registries
Good Sites for General Information
One of the most complete sites I've seen!  If it pertains to Akitas/dogs, you'll find a link here!
More info about natural feeding and rearing
Interested in alternatives to traditional veterinary medicine?  Visit here for info and registries for different modalities
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E-Mail Lists
The oldest and largest general Akita list.  Novices and pet owners are welcome, as are long-time Akita people
Join other Akita owners and breeders who seek to feed and raise their Akitas as naturally as possible
Looking for the BEST in Akita-wear?  Information on the breed, health problems, and rescue?  It's all here!
This fairly new, unmoderated list is for general discussion about the breed
If you want to research an Akita pedigree, check progeny, or submit pedigrees or pictures of Akitas for inclusion in the HQ database, this is the "site to see!"  Also included are listings for champions in a given year, and a special memorial "tribute" page for our special dogs who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
A Dog Lover's Website - Dog breed photos, information and free eCards at
Simply the best Akita and general reference book ever!
Find out more about the versatility of Akitas.  Barbara Bouyet's new website, loaded with information about the breed.
Link to my store!
RawDogPlus, central Michigan area supplier for Blue Ridge Beef