If you're looking for a wonderful companion, I hope you'll consider a rescue dog.  There are always so many who need homes, and so many who never have a chance at a good home because there aren't enough foster homes to keep them safe.  From puppies to old dogs, and everything in between, so many of these dogs are casually tossed aside by the very people who just "had to have" that cute puppy, with the excuse that they just don't have time for a dog.  Some are found as strays, wandering loose and never claimed because they've been dumped by their owners for reasons we'll never know.

Adding a rescue dog  to your family can be the greatest experience!  Somehow they always seem to know that you've saved them from death, or medical research, and you could never find a more loyal companion.

There are formal and informal rescue groups all over the country, and they're always looking for foster homes for rescues, as well as loving, permanent homes.  Please check their individual sites to see the dogs they may have available! 
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This page was last updated on: January 6, 2015
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Please help!  We are absolutely flooded with owner-give-ups and shelter dogs, and we are out of foster space for these dogs.  If you're looking for a great new companion - or if you're interested in temporary fostering - please contact MARS!
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Please visit the MARS orphan page for more pictures and info on these and other available orphans:  http://www.akitas.org/orphans.html
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If you'd like further info about available rescues, please contact Deanna O'Brien, MARS at MARSAkita@sbcglobal.net or 773-594-9302