Ch Koma-Inu Spitfire of Helix (OFA Good, CERF normal)  12/15/85 - 5/25/95

(Ch Raiden of Jo-Uba ROM x Ch Masumi's Ninjo Kara Suteki ROM)

Noogie was a breeder's dream as a foundation bitch.  Sound as could be, pedigree bred on top producers, and a wonderful, people- loving temperament.

Special thanks to Judy Dunn, Koma-Inu Akitas, for sharing her with me!
Ch Sunapee's Dansu No Koma-Inu ROM (OFA Good, CERF normal) Born 3/2/91.  Crossed to the bridge today, 10/30/02, due to melanoma.

Godspeed, sweet girl, and meet us on the other side!

(Ch Nami's Shokko of Oka CD, ROM x Ch Koma-Inu Spitfire of Helix)

Kosen, co-owned with Dale & Kim Smith of EBA Akitas, was also a very special girl.  From Kosen came our beloved Spenser!
Am/Can Ch EBA-Sunapee Suspense (OFA Good, OFA normal elbows, CERF normal, MSU thyroid normal 3/01) Born 7/29/94 and sadly left me on 4/23/07.  Fly free, Pooh-man, and meet me at the bridge.

(AOM Ch Tanoshii Kuro Neko-Go ROM x Ch Sunapee's Dansu No Koma-Inu)

What can I say about my Spenser man?  He will always be my baby, a sweet and gentle boy, a solid block on which to build my next generation.

Visit Neko's page at Kumo-Ko Akitas for pictures and info on Spenser's wonderful sire.
*100% Raw fed & minimally vaccinated since 1997*
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Koma-Inu No Southern Belle (OFA Good, CERF)  6/14/88 - 9/20/01

(Ch E Oka's Nihon No Akai ROMx Koma-Inu Nikki No Nukum)

Sweet, gentle Belle!  She brought color, beautiful cheek and more soundness to our program.
Sunapee's Ember No Koma-Inu (OFA Good, CERF) Born 10/24/91

(Kiri Yama's Rockin' Robin x Koma-Inu No Southern Belle)

Ember wasn't bred until she was nearly 5, but it was worth the wait to produce our next generation when she was bred to our Spenser!
Sunapee's Speed O'Lite (OFA Excellent, OFA normal elbows, CERF, Jean Dodds DVM thyroid normal 12/00) Born 3/2/97

(Am/Can CH EBA-Sunapee Suspense x Sunapee's Ember No Koma-Inu)

Pictured above at 9 months, Speedo lacks one major to finish.  She decided she didn't like the show ring long ago.  But even if she never achieves that championship, she will always be my girl.  She has now produced some awesome babies for our next generation.
These are some of Speedo's full sisters.  Aren't they gorgeous?!?
Can Ch Sunapee Blackpool Kwik Jig  Born 8/14/96

Owned and loved by Darryl & Michelle Tuominen in Canada.  Jig has never been  bred (or x-rayed/eye checked) due to Michelle's deep concern over proper placement of Akita puppies in her area.
Sunapee's Liteflite To OPA (OFA Fair, CERF) 3/2/97 - 6/5/05

Very sadly, Zaz was lost to apparent bloat, too young and very much missed by the Marmion family.
Sunapee's Nez Leez Kwik NA, NJ, OA, NAC, NJC, NGC, NTC, RS-N, JS-N, GS-N,CGC, TT,TDI(OFA Good) Born 8/14/96

Obviously, we are SO proud of what Koko is achieving in agility!  What a great ambassador for our breed!

KOKO is very loved and only a little bit spoiled by Judy & Ron King of Prescott, AZ.
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Sadly, we lost Ember on 12/28/04.  Fly free, Embie, 'til we meet again at the bridge.....
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Sunapee's Fast As Lite, born 5/1/03. 

Our only Speedo daughter, Sunny holds my heart, and hopefully a future in our breeding program. 

Click her picture to go to her page!
Akiko Nakodo Catch A Moonbeam
Beamer, born 12/10/07, is pictured at almost 9 months of age, winning BOB from the 6-9 puppy class. 

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Nakodo's Maybe She's Born With It

This is Mercy, born 1/24/08, pictured at 8 months old. 

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Nakodo's Black Gold

Rush is our handsome black brindle boy

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Sunapee's Sun, Moon & Stars

Stella is our only baby from Sunny; we have high hopes for her .  Pictured here at 7-1/2 weeks.

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Sunapee Nakodo Perfect Double
Lola is our Rush x Beamer baby

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Ch Sunapee's Easy On The Ice
Glacier x Stella

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SnowCrest's Blu By You
Easy x Pistol

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